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(Photo courtesy of Stephanie Dawkins)

Seniors Javonte “Tay” Graham and Marie McClary are this week’s “Meet Your Panthers”.  Tay has participated in football and basketball while Marie has been a member of the volleyball, basketball, and track teams while also participating in the Marching Blue Guard.

1) What is your favorite sport and athlete?

MM: Basketball is my favorite sport and Lebron James is my favorite player.

JG: My favorite sport is basketball and my favorite athlete is Stephon Curry.

 2) Describe your favorite Class.

MM: My favorite classes are very challenging and even though sometimes I want to give up, the positive energetic environment won’t allow me to quit.

JG: My favorite class is my fourth period weightlifting. It gives me a chance to challenge myself and get stronger.

3) Who is the most influential person in your life? Why?

MM: My parents are the most influential people in my life.

JG: My coach, Michael Manning is the most influential person in my life because he is very hardworking and is always trying to make me be the best player and person I can be. He also gives great advice.

 4) What is your favorite meal?

MM: Chicken and shrimp alfredo.

JG: My favorite meal is chicken and French fries.

 5) What is your favorite athletic event memory?

MM: After we defeated Hemingway for our last non-conference game, Coach Eaddy was so happy and proud in the locker room that she started dancing.

JG: My favorite memory is winning MVP in rec league and also hitting a buzzer beater in 10th grade.

 6) What is your plan after graduating?

MM: I plan to attend an out-of-state university to begin my dream of becoming an attorney.

JG: I plan to join the Air Force.

 7) What is the best part of LCHS?

MM: At LCHS, there are many people around you that want nothing but the best for you. They stay on you and giving up on yourself is not an option.

JG: Early dismissal for seniors is my favorite.

8) How do you want Panther fans to remember you?

MM: I want Panther fans to remember me for my great energy, determination and never giving up.

JG: I want to be remembered as hardworking, smart, a great teammate, funny, and a nice person.