The third edition of “Meet Your Panthers” features Shayla Singletary and Matthew Cooper.  Shayla is a four-year member of the volleyball and soccer teams while maintaining a 4.3 GPA and ranking 7th overall in the senior class.  Matthew is the bone-rattling linebacker that leads the Panther Blue D every Friday night.

(Photos courtesy of Ms.Tonia Wilson)


1) What is your favorite sport and athlete?

SS: My favorite sport is volleyball but my favorite athlete is Lionel Messi.

MC:  My favorite sport is football and my favorite athlete is Eric Berry.

2) What is your favorite class and teacher?

 SS:  My favorite class is Biology because I love science and my favorite teacher is Mrs. Yock because she is a great and fun teacher.

MC:  Math is my favorite class with Mrs. Ham because she teaches at a steady pace.

3)  Who is the most influential person in your life?

SS: My Mom is the most influential person in my life because she always sees things realistically.

MC:  My Mom because she always forces me to be the best person I can be and she always supports me through anything.

4) What is your favorite Meal?

SS:  Pizza.

MC:  My favorite meal is pork chops and pasta salad.

5) What is your favorite athletic event memory?

SS: The best memory is when the basketball team played for the state championship in Columbia.

MC:  My favorite athletic memory is homecoming every year when all of the alumni show up and tailgate for the game and cheer us on.

6) What is your plan after graduating?

SS:  I plan to attend college and major in either English or Music.

MC:  My plan after graduating is to attend Coastal Carolina and work to become a math teacher.

7) What is the best part of LCHS?

SS: The teachers here may be hard on you sometimes but it is beneficial in the end.

MC:  The best parts are the sporting events and how the teachers try to help you prepare for adulthood.

8) How do you want Panther fans to remember you?

SS:  I want them to know that I was that fun girl in a bunch of clubs that knew every teacher…or Janice’s kid.

MC:  I want the Panther fans to remember me as a young man that will do anything to help his team win.

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