Boys Junior Varsity Football, Boys Varsity Football · Feeding The Big Uglies

The offensive and defensive linemen rarely get their names in the paper, but they usually decide the outcome of the game.  At today’s pep rally, the varsity lines, affectionately named “The Big Uglies”, were fed baked chicken, rice, and ice cream “football” cakes by Ms. Coco Floyd and her Culinary Arts class.  Big thanks to Ms. Coco for her efforts and the selfless efforts of The Big Uglies:

  • Demarion “Shea” Johnson
  • Tyrese “Bo” McCrea
  • Josh Reynolds
  • Marco Leon-Chavez
  • Raheem Thomas
  • Chipper Avins
  • Jacob Bass
  • Jorquay “Poochie” McFadden
  • Brandon Miles
  • Saquan Wahab
  • Derek Cooper
  • Juwaun “Getright” McDowell
  • Justin Clary
  • Natorious “Scooter” Darby
  • Yazhane Carson
  • Wilik McElveen
  • Drequan “Hamhock” Flowers
  • Tyree Butler
  • Seth Waterman