Boys Varsity Wrestling · Lake City vs. Marion (Gallery)

The Lake City Panthers wrestling team narrowly lost  to Marion, the defending 2A state champions, 30-36 Wednesday afternoon.

B30A1041 B30A1042 B30A1044 B30A1045 B30A1046 B30A1047 B30A1048 B30A1050 B30A1053 B30A1054 B30A1055 B30A1059 B30A0990 B30A0991 B30A0993 B30A0994 B30A0995 B30A0996 B30A1002 B30A1003 B30A1006 B30A1007 B30A1008 B30A1009 B30A1010 B30A1011 B30A1015 B30A1016 B30A1017 B30A1018 B30A1020 B30A1021 B30A1023 B30A1024 B30A1025 B30A1026 B30A1027 B30A1028 B30A1030 B30A1031 B30A1034 B30A1035 B30A1036 B30A1038 B30A1040