Panthers News · In The Coach’s Corner

“In The Coach’s Corner” will allow students, parents, and fans a chance to learn more about the current LCHS coaching staff.  This week features LCHS Head Football Coach, Terrell Fleming. 

1) What sports have you coached in your career?  What classes do you currently teach?

Football. I have taught math from Algebra 1 through Calculus, but am currently an Administrative Assistant at Main Street Elementary.

2) Tell us about your personal athletic career.

12th year of coaching and teaching.  I worked one  year at T.L. Hanna High School (OC/RB coach), seven years at South Florence ( three years running backs, four years linebackers, two years as Defensive Coordinator), and the last four years as Lake City High School Head Football Coach.

3) How long have you been at LCHS?

This is my 4th year.

4) Describe your education background.

East Clarendon High School, Class of 2002


                        Major: Mathematics Teaching               

                          Graduation Date: May 2006


                          Certification:  AP Calculus                    

                          Graduation Date: July 2008


                          Major: Master of Sports Science Degree Sports Management

                          Graduation Date: May 2009


                          Major. Ed.S. Education Degree Specialist in Principalship

                          Graduation Date: August 2017

5) What is the best part of LCHS?

The people.

6) Favorite memory in LCHS athletics?

Spoiling Wilson’s Homecoming and dancing in the middle of their field.

7) Describe Lake City High school student-athletes. 

Student-athletes at LCHS are the reason why we go into the coaching and teaching profession. Students at LCHS represent the way an ideal student-athlete should carry themselves on the field, in the classroom, and in the community.

8) Who are the teachers and coaches that made an impact in your life?

The late Mrs. Susan Mae Fulton & Mrs. JoAnn Blackmon taught me that hard work and manners will take you a long way in life; and, it has for me in my career. As for a coach, I would say Coach Ed Brogdon. He always taught us that we must expect to be great and has been a big mentor in my life ever since.