Panthers News · Meet Your Panthers 3-2020

“Meet Your Panthers” is back again this year to showcase standout representatives of the Class of 2020.

This week we have two more exceptional Panthers with  Malik Hailey and Damara Brown.  Malik is the son of Dayna Burroughs and Richard Hailey.  He is an All-Region basketball player while also participating in football and track and keeping a 4.1 GPA as a dual-enrollment college student.  Damara is the daughter of Pamela McKenzie and has been a four-year member of the cheerleading program while maintaining a 3.4 GPA.

1. How would you describe yourself to a stranger?

Malik: I am a fun, caring, and athletic person.

Damara:  I would describe myself to a stranger as confident and caring


2. What is your favorite part of LCHS athletics?

Malik: The grind we put in over the summer and the bond we create as teammates.

Damara: My favorite thing about LCHS athletics is that we get to enjoy ourselves with what we really like to do and we have people who push us because they know what we are capable of accomplishing.


3. What is your favorite class and who is your favorite teacher?

Malik:  Gym because I can stay in the weight room and get stronger.  My favorite teacher is Ms. Tonia Wilson because she is always hard on me and stays on me to do the right things.

Damara: My favorite class is Government and Economics. My favorite teacher is Ms. Tonia Wilson because she always pushes me to do better and encourages me to continue when I want to quit.  She is my second Mama.


4. Who is the most influential person in your life? 

Malik: My Mama because she is a giving person and she can make a way out of no way.

Damara: The most influential person in my life would be my Mother. I would say my Mom because she always pushes me to do well even when I feel likeI can’t do something.  She’s a person who has never given up on me.


5. What is your favorite meal?

Malik:   My favorite meal is rice and gravy with steak strips, fried chicken, macaroni, and spicy collard greens.

Damara: My favorite meal is steak and fries.


6. What is your favorite athletic event memory?

Malik:  My favorite athletic event is my first Sweetheart Game last year. I had 20 points and we won.  It was a great game.

Damara: My favorite athletic memory is when we were at Lakewood and my teammate Shadrea was going to do a cartwheel and she fell and the only thing my coach could say was “spirit fingers!”


7. What is your plan after graduating?

Malik:  My plan is to go to a 4-year college and continue my athletic career while majoring in Physical Education.

Damara: My plan after high school is to join the Navy Reserves and attend college.


8. What is the best part of LCHS?

Malik: The best part of LCHS is that we have pride in ourselves and we won’t let anybody talk about or mess with THE CITY.

Damara: The best part about LCHS is that you always have people who push you no matter how much you want to give up.   There is always at least one person in your corner.


9. How do you want Panther fans to remember you?

Malik: I want them to remember me as a person that gave it his all in everything and cared about his community.

Damara: I would want them to remember me as a person who always believed in our teams and someone who never gave up.


10.  If you could have a conversation with 9th grade you, what would you say?

Malik:  I would tell myself to stay in the weight room and play all the sports you can.

Damara: If I could have a talk with 9th grade me,  I would tell her it all starts now. Your 9th grade year matters the most out of them all.   Have faith and always try no matter how hard it gets!

Photos courtesy of Ms. Tonia Wilson