FCSD3 Athletic Hall of Fame Members & Nomination Info

Hall of Fame Class Links:

2014 (Cromer, Faison, Rollins, Ward)

2015 ( Buddin, Godwin, Hannah, McCutcheon-Stout, Moore, Salters)

2016 (Green, Jones Jr., Moss, Tillotson)

2017 (Franklin, Richard and Watch Brockington, McKenzie, Wallace)

2018 (Robinson, McFadden, Simmons, Dr. Lane Floyd, Henneghan)

2019 (Carson, Edwards, Graham, Jackson, Wilson)

Athletic Alumnus Hall of Fame Nomination Process

Nominations can be made by any Alumnus of a current or former high school located within Florence County School District Three or current/former employee of Florence School District Three.

Any athletic Alumnus, coach, or team can be nominated as follows:

1) Nominees shall be a minimum of five years removed from graduation of any former or current high school within Florence School District 3.
2) All nominations must be submitted in writing and include graduation year, justification for honor including any available media releases, certified statistics/honors, post-high school athletic achievements, and three sponsor signatures with contact information.
3) Nominations are to be submitted to the Lake City High School Athletic Director.

4) Nominations received will be considered annually for a three year period before a new nomination must be made.

When a jersey is retired, it is the name, not the number, which is retired.
Nominations of individuals who have achieved the status of professional athlete or who have achieved some other substantial athletic distinction or honor must be recommended for enshrinement by a majority vote from a standing committee of the FCSD3 Superintendent, Lake City High School Principal, Athletic Director, Assistant Athletic Director, and District Communications Officer.